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The Ostia Graduiertenkolleg

The Ostia Graduiertenkolleg: "Ostia Project II: Building History and Changing Functions in the Centre of a Roman Metropolis" is part of the

Ostia Forum Project (OFP).

The purpose of the Graduiertenkolleg is to analyse all material coming from the excavation- and survey campaigns conducted by OFP in the city centre of Ostia between 2010 and 2022. 

The Graduiertenkolleg is funded by the Stiftung Humboldt-University of Berlin (SHU) through a private donation

Theme 1:

The Capitolium in Ostia

Theme 4:

Sacrifice and Ritual Deposits

Theme 2:

The Pottery in Context

Theme 5:

Architectural Decoration

Theme 3:

Small-finds and Coins

Theme 6:

Unknown Forum Structures