Campaign, August 25 - September 20 2020

Despite the pandemic, the Ostia Graduiertenkolleg was allowed to travel to Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica, where we were able to conduct some important and vital work. Indeed, due to the situation, access to the deposits and other areas of the archaeological park was very limited. Nevertheless, all of us had the opportunity to conduct work on our individual projects. 

This campaign differed from the other campaigns conducted by the Ostia Forum Project, since no excavations were conducted, and due to the fact that this campaign was purely documental. Our group therefore also only consisted of the six ph.d. candidates and Prof. Dr. Axel Gering. 

All six projects had a fruitful three-week campaign, where important measurements and photographs were taken and important discussions were held. 

The Ostia Graduiertenkolleg is more than satisfied with the corporation with the Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica, since they showed great character and were very helpful and guided us through the process of working inside the park during this pandemic.