Theme 1 - The Capitolium in Ostia and the Hadrianic Forum's Programme


In purpose of achieving more informations on the temple and the surrounding porticoes the
reconsideration of historic sources around the excavations and descriptions of Ostia are quite
promising. Besides that approach the OFP made several finds and observations during the last
campaigns, which are bringing new light into this topic.
Together with the new finds, the puzzle of the reconstruction of the temple has to be rearranged.
Beyond that are some obvious questions never asked before: likewise for the reconstruction of the
buildings themselves are only little pieces of their inventory known. There is to ask about statuary
display and incrustation as there are niches and plug holes still visible.


Theme 2 - The Pottery in Context


The dissertation is covering four different trenches in the city centre: Three late antique find complexes (TDV1: Taberna della Venere, TFR1: Taberna forum rooms and the FSE: Foro della statua eroica), as well as imperial contexts and a few late republican contexts from TFR2: Taberna forum rooms. The contexts vary from levelling layers to destruction layers, building pits and depositions of various kinds (mainly obliteration deposits and foundation sacrifices).

Theme 3 - Small-finds and Coins


The theme of small-finds and coins aims to study the huge numismatic material found during the
excavations of the Forum’s portico and the Foro della Statua Eroica area, in the context of "Ostia
Forum Project”, in particular the coins of the Late Antique period.

Theme 4 - Sacrifice and Ritual Deposits


This project focuses on examining sacrifices, feasts and ritual deposits on the forum of Ostia and Foro della Statua Eroica. The thesis will contain a contextual examination of the ceramic material found on the fora of the city, focusing on material found in the campaigns between 2008 and 2020. This analysis of the pottery will seek to examine the religious landscape of Ostia and examine the fora as a communal religious space.

Theme 5 - Architectural Decoration


This doctoral thesis will study the architectural decoration of the forum of Ostia on the basis of marble
fragments (re)excavated by the Ostia Forum Project. The main aims of the study will be 1) to create a
comprehensive overview of the identifiable marble material collected by the project between 2010-2019
including material from the planed campaigns for 2020/21, 2) to attempt to create a holistic reconstruction
of the marble decoration of the forum from the earliest to the latest possible phase on the basis of the
analyzed marble fragments, and 3) to contextualize architectural and stylistic elements of the Forum of
Ostia with the wider Roman World.

Theme 6 - Unknown Forum Structures


The main area of this study is the city centre with a focal point on the Forum’s area. Until now, it has not been possible to study the Forum as a coherent unit considered as in a diachronic perspective. Recent research conducted by the Berlin-Kent-Ostia Excavations, Humboldt-Ostia-Forum Project and Ostia-Forum-Project in the period between 2008 and 2019 have provided evidence of the development of the Forum. The research has been conducted through excavations, photogrammetry and geophysical analyses. Before these comprehensive analyses, excavations have never been conducted in the Forum’s area since the rigorous excavations in the first half of the 20th century. It is therefore, for the first time, possible to analyse, contextualise and trace several different orientation and planning symmetries of different building layouts in the attempt to interpret the genesis of the different forum-layouts. 

Colloquia, seminars and presentations


Throughout the lifespan of the Ostia Graduiertenkolleg, this section will be updated with an overview of the colloquia, seminars and presentations held by the six Ph.D. candidates.

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