Theme 2

On this site you are able to follow the development of Theme 2 regarding the Pottery in Context. Every six months, an interim report will be uploaded onto this site.

December, 2020

Ceramics in Context. Archive material and new finds from the Forum and the Foro della Statua Eroica in Ostia

Before the Hadrianic building programme changed the whole appearance of the forum and the area around it, the TFR area belonged to a so far undiscovered sanctuary. In the course of the Hadrianic building programme, the sanctuary was given up and torn down.

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May, 2022

Ceramics in Context. The recently discovered Sanctuary on the Forum of Ostia. The Development of the Sacred Area from the Middle Republic to the Hadrianic Period

In the course of the Hadrianic building programme which changed the face of Ostia's main forum significantly, the sanctuary in the north-east of the forum was abandoned and the precinct was transformed into a profane building complex consistiing of a portico and a taberna complex.

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