Theme 5

On this site you are able to follow the development of Theme 5 regarding the Building Decor on the Forum of Ostia. Every six months, an interim report will be uploaded onto this site.

December, 2020

No stone left unturned

The marble fragments in question were found in several deposits/piles around the area of the forum and were explored by the OFP between 2014-2019. The majority of these deposits date to the excavations of the forum in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where excavated marble fragments were stored in these deposits for latert study, which in most cases never happened.

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May, 2022

Building Decor on the Forum of Ostia

The main focus of my work during 2021 has been to document and organize the marble fragments, a large
undertaking due to the amount of material. My work therefore has been focused on 1) creating a digital
database suited for working with the architectural fragments in question and 2) to gather further data on the
fragments using the existing documentation of the OFP from previous campaigns and during a find processing
campaign in Ostia Antica in the autumn of 2021.

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